Welcome to School Counseling

St. Paul Public School Counselors are Partners in Student Achievement

School counselors promote the personal/social, career, and academic growth and development of PreK-12 students. Our school counseling program curriculum is a standards based, integrated component of the educational agenda of the school. Comprehensive school counseling programs, designed to meet the needs of all students, are a collaborative effort. Specifically, school counselors engage a multitude of stakeholders (i.e. parents, teachers, administrators, students and community partners) to support student success.

By removing barriers to student achievement, school counselors foster the potential for each individual to be academically successful and prepared for life beyond high school.  Beyond providing counseling services, school counselors are advocates for systemic school change, leaders in building culturally responsive and community engaged schools, and specialists in collaborating and teaming for student success.

Who are Professional School Counselors?
School Counselors are educators who hold a master's degree and are licensed for K-12 settings. School Counselors uphold ethical and professional standards to design, implement and manage comprehensive, developmental, results-based school counseling programs that promote and enhance student success.

Comprehensive School Counseling Programs are Data Driven
The use of data to effect change within the school system is integral to ensuring students success. School counselors collect, analyze, and interpret data to support school-based decisions.