Elementary School Counseling Developmental Guidance

Children's Books for Classroom Guidance
This is an informational list of books that have been used for classroom guidance. Topics span the three ASCA model domains: academic, career, and personal/social.

Academic Lessons
The lessons in this section aid students in understanding theimportance of following rules, study skills, and doing well in school.The lessons can be adapted for grades K-6 and taught anytime throughoutthe school year.

Personal/Social Guidance Lessons
The lessons in this group help to develop social skills, buildingfriendships, helping students join in, and build their self-esteem. These lessons can be used at any time during the school year.The following activities were designed to be used with students ingrades K-6.  Each lesson specifies a targeted grade level.

Career Lessons
The lessons in this section follow ASCA standards and concretely tieschool skills to future work skills. The lessons introduce the world ofwork and careers to K-6 students, increase career awareness and promotecareer exploration.