"Simon's Hook" (Targeted Grade 3)

Lesson Plan
Adapted from/Counselor Name: Karen Ward
Title of Lesson: Simon’s Hook
Quarter: Anytime
Audience: Classroom Small Group
Level: Primary (K-2) Intermediate (3-5)
Target Grade: 3rd

.*  Students will understand safety and survival skills.

Identify and select appropriate behaviors to deal with specific emotional situations.

The book Simon’s Hook by Karen Burnett.
Poster of the "Instead of Biting Ideas” from the book: Do Little or Nothing, agree, distract, laugh, stay away. Leave room on the poster for
student ideas.
Fish patterns for the younger students and cartoon frames for the older students. On the fish patterns write some of the hook statements and
solution statements from the book and in your own creative way let the students go fishing. Have a class discussion about the statements. Is it a
hook? What solution would work?

Have students write on a piece of paper three ways to deal with teasing and put-downs in an appropriate way. Now, introduce the book Simon’s
Hook. Simon is the main character in the book. Something very bad happens to Simon’s hair, and when he gets to school he is teased. Simon’s
grandmother helps him by telling him a fishing story. The older students can participate in the reading. Ask for volunteers to read the cartoon
bubbles. For younger students retell the story with the pictures. There are a lot of words for the younger students but the ideas for dealing with
teasing and put-downs will work for all ages. When the story is finished, ask students: what is the meaning of the fish and hook? Show students
the poster you prepared before class. Have a student discussion about the five ideas in the book. Are there any that may not work? Make a
new chart with ideas the students would be willing to try. Five is an easy amount to remember. Have the students make a cartoon retelling the
story using their own words and pictures.

Pretest/Postest: Write three ways to deal with teasing and put-downs in an appropriate way.
How did the student change as a result of this lesson? The student will demonstrate the skills for dealing with bullying situations.